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    We offer our residents a living arrangement that caters to independent seniors.  This means an environment where they strive to stay active and are surrounded by other residents that have the same interest at heart.  When chronic care is required, we feel that the Nursing Home sector is the place to be.  Being government subsidized makes that option affordable and the interdisciplinary care is better than any private facility can offer.  We do offer a certain degree of care that permits residents to age in place. We believe that loss of mobility and advanced dementia are two health issues that need to be taken in consideration and Nursing Homes are best equipped to do that.

    All our menus are custom made by our in house Dietician.  All of our meals are home made with fresh local ingredients when possible. We offer two menu choices every day plus eight “à la carte options” are always available. This way we are assured everyone eats something they enjoy!   We are able to cater to any dietary restriction, the most common ones being low salt and diabetic.

    Yes, but at least one meal per day in our dining room is mandatory.

    The average age is 81 years old.

    When thinking about moving into a retirement residence, most seniors are expecting nursing homes or institutional like facilities.  We have to understand that this generation only had that option when their parents had to move from their home.  When visiting our home, I can see the relief in the senior’s faces.  They realize that this is a place where they will be happy again without having to worry about surviving  and being bored every day.  They will be able to have fun, meet new people and be catered to by a team of professionals.

    YES! We would love for you to try Royal Garden.

    The FAMILY values that are present in every decision we make.