“Establishing yourself in a retirement residence requires adjustments that can be difficult; it’s a major change in ones life. It must be conducive to peace of mind, to enable the foundation of new relationships and to the respect for privacy. That is why one must seek a residence where owners and management recognizes that. Royal Garden provided such a home for me and it did so from day one. I believe their secret is that they see the worth of each individual – they respect us.”

M. Chartrand

“Royal Garden is the place to be. I felt welcome as soon as I moved in. We feel like a big happy family!”

R. Groves

“No matter what, we have to believe that there is something wonderful waiting to happen and that something is at Royal Garden Retirement Home. We do not regret our decision and truly look forward to the future, confident that all our needs will be taken care of by a group of professionals, the Tourangeau family and warm and friendly residents.”

C. Paradis

“My mother very much appreciates her studio overlooking the ravine; she enjoys the changing scenes of the 4 seasons. You can feel the spirit of a small community supporting each other. We appreciate the fact that the Kitchen Manager and his team are keen to listen to feedback from residents and are always thriving to improve and vary the recipes… Especially on Sunday nights, enjoying a glass of wine and a filet mignon, that’s what makes all the difference!!!

Daughter of J. Marion

“After our first visit, we fell in love with the bright and spacious entrance. This was a prominent family enterprise. We decided very early that this Residence would be our home. We moved in mid-December 2011 in a spacious two bedroom suite. We have made a lot of friends here and we feel we belong to a large family sharing interests and multiple activities. We feel secure and our children are happy that we have constant competent in-house medical care and enjoying a variety of activities and regular programs of physical and mental therapy. After selling our home in 2011, we were looking for a new home…and we are thankful and happy that we found the Royal Garden Residence, which we are proud to call Home….Sweet Home.”

L. Lacroix

I hope these testimonials are reassuring all the seniors that are worried about their upcoming move to a retirement home. I think this step in life should be viewed as a positive way to treat yourself to the good life!

Michelle Varin

Royal Garden / Jardin Royal